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1 Endtime Prophecy Net
140 240

Endtime Prophecy Net studies the End Times & Endtime Bible prophecy: the Antichrist, Battle of Armageddon, 666 / Mark of the Beast, Great Tribulation, Rapture, destruction of Babylon the Great, rise of the Beast & False Prophet, 2nd Coming of Christ, etc.
2 Scripts for IM Letters
66 192

This is a Group for Creators of IM Letters to get the Scripts that We have converted to make IM Letters look like OE/WLM
3 JDCIMCreations-Oldie Letters
64 250
This is a incredimail group where I share my letters...just download from files...all are family friendly!
4 SharecuzIcare Creations
50 260
Welcome to SharecuzIcareCreations! If you like to collect IM Stationery this is the place to be! All family friendly letters. Please come join us!
5 Amazing Bible Blog
24 181

Insightful information as it pertains to current world news and Bible prophecy! End time events as we see being fulfilled before our very eyes!
6 Taggers World
22 81

This is a tagging group where taggers are the only ones who send! This group offers Family Friendly, SAC, AC & Goth style tags. However; adult tags WILL be labeled before sending. We are looking for members who love collecting tags & taggers who are
7 Angelfeet Creations
11 146
This is a family friendly group to receive new creations from me. Also this is an Incredimail Only Group. You must have Incredimail to be here. Please have your Yahoo Profile with your name , age, gender. This is for Ladies only. Nothing here that would d
8 IncrediMail Letters By PakbluCreations
9 327

This is a non participation group,where a few letters a week will be sent to your mailbox,its ideal for those that just want to snag Basic,Scrolling and Expanding Letters. My Scrolling Letters look like Outlook Express Stationery.
9 Angel Creations
5 187
Original stationery for Incredimail. These are done through actual photographs and are absolutely lovely! This is NOT a religious group and not catholic!
10 Vivid Imagination Creations
5 115

Hello there, we are a new group forum for Non-PSP and PSP. We need member's who enjoys meeting new people, doing challenges, reading poetry, likes entertainment, likes to collect sig tags, likes to celebrate birthdays and much more. Please join us a
11 Glimpses of God
4 166
Prophecy in the making: scriptural methods of Bible study illustrated, the books opened, mysteries revealed, Kingdom living!
12 Guardians Creations
4 5

We are bunch of people who are laid back and enjoys each others company.
We have many things here at this forum for everyone to do.
Come Join us and meet new people,
*Play Games*
13 Tattysthingies
1 16

We share great Tubing Artists tubes, all Child friendly.. cute, adorable, sweet.. NO AC of any kind. No goth or satanic either.
14 Wells of Inspiration
1 191

Weekly Christian Inspirational Devotions delivered to you via email about once a week, as they are published to my site. Beautifully illustrated and presented for the edification of the Body of Christ and exhortation to intimacy with the Lover of ou
15 Logical Games and Web Design
1 74

A collection of brain teasing games, riddles and jigsaw puzzles online that will make your brain more active and stimulate the logical thinking, a collection of logical games and artixcles on latest trends in web design and modern art.
16 Dalskogs Angel Incredimail Letters
0 627
We have family friendly letters for everyone! Join us and start snagging!
17 Gorjuss-Fans-Live-On
0 191
We share Suzanne Woolcott's work wither it be stats or tags as long as it's copyright compliant it can be shared.
18 Country Girls Lil Treasures
0 380

We share anything that is PSP related. Tubes, graphics, masks, fonts, blings, plug-ins, scrap kits, and etc. This is a Family Friendly group. We will be sharing tuts, and music links as well. Your Message settings must be on Traditional and your Yah
19 Connies Cute Tags
0 397

Connie's Cute Tags: Request Only Group. If you love to collect Sig Tags this is the place for you! Come join my "Request" only list and start collecting some tags. I do not, and will not offer any tags with "adult" content.
20 Creations_Unlimited
0 225

Creations Unlimited is a PSP Challenge Group for serious members of the PSP Community. Daily challenges are just part of the activities that take place. Come and join us!
21 I Think Its Pretty
0 230

We share all things pretty.. and cute :-) We are a group of chatty people who share and care alot.
So if your looking for a nice friendly sharing group with only one rule.. then join us .
This is a family friendly group so no AC is allowed.
22 A Christian Spot Of JOY
0 167
Share daily life,Requests,Praises,Prayers.Share stationary,tags of all kinds, IE an PSP very welcome.
A Spot for Christians to be encouraged an encourage others..May others see Jesus through us.
23 The Garden of Splender
0 174
Hi and welcome to The Garden of Splendor. You do NOT have to have Incredimail to join the group. So come on in to the Garden of Splendor and bask in the warmth and smell the fragrance. Members are encouraged to share Christian and PG related gr
24 More JDCIM Oldie Letters
0 120

I no longer create but I have 100's of very Cute incredimail letters in my files ready for download...all are family friendly.
25 Online Advertising
0 55

Top list of online resources related to custom banners design, printing services, business cards, visual aids and other related services. Discover most professional and trustworthy sources that will help you make your business more attractive and po
26 Blog on Art
0 69

An interesting approach to modern art and original design trends in a blog containing a series of picture galleries related to fantasy, robots, abstract art, computer art and other types of modern artwork and web design.
27 Living Sword Ministries
0 162
This is a non denominational ministry established by God to evangelise the world and populate the kingdom of God. This group is meant to share the love of Christ with the whole world via the cybernet,the engrafted Word of God that is able to save the soul
28 Christie's Elegant Creations
0 201
This group is for my "Always List." All of my tags will be "G" rated. There will be no adult content of any kind. It is also low mail as I am the only one posting. Come join in on the fun!
29 Free Printable Greeting Cards
0 150
Free printable cards, birthday cards, greeting cards, invitations, matching envelopes. Print blank cards or use the card-makers to personalize your cards!
30 Angelic Designs and Creations
0 208

Beautiful Incredimail Stationery and Tutorials. This is for those who would like to receive my Incredimail Stationery and Tutorials via e-mail as I create them. I am the only one posting so low volumne. A very large collection and always Family Friendly.
31 Rosebuddsz Creations
0 228

Hi I'm Donna AKA Rosebuddsz.I Love to create and Share with my Friends.I have a Wonderful Tagger ,Paula !!We would love for you to join us .All you have to do is pull up a chair, grab a cup of Coffee and maybe a snack,relax and let us do the rest.
32 Soul Strength Devotions
0 168
Providing a Monday through Friday email devotion
33 Cedar Chest Design
0 198

This group is my always list.. My stats are country, folk art and floral. I attach blank tags with the stats.
34 Wells of inspiration
0 166

Inspirational Christian Devotions delivered to you via email as they are published about once a week. Beautifully presented in a manner that gives all glory to God for the edification of His Body and exhortation to intimacy with the Lover of our Soul.
35 Bible. Com
0 138
Bible resources, daily devotionals, bible answers, prayer room and more...
36 DivineDesignsbyLindy
0 163

Christian Incredimail stationary.
This is a group where you can recieve all of my new & old Incredimail stationary. VERY SAFE FOR ALL THE LITTLE ONES!!
Hi I am Lindy, the owner, I was born in 1959, I am married to my online hubby, we live in Florida
0 260

38 Devotions With Music
0 159
Devotions With Music are daily devotions sent each day on stationery with music. I will post three each day.
39 Hes N the Midst
0 165

List to receive daily devotionals and uplifting reads in your mail.
40 Heaven on Earth Tags
0 164
All Christian tags by very talented creators plus a Prayer of the Day and a bi-weekly devotional.
You'll love it! Hope to see you there.
41 Gentle Doves World
0 184
Mainly original inspirational poetry and stationery for Incredimail and Outlook Express.
Come on in and rest awhile!
42 Adorable Christian Letters
0 174
Looking for lighthearted, adorable Christian IM letters to snag and share? Then join Adorable Christian Letters today and be blessed....I am the only creator, so mail volume is low!!
43 Christian_singles_4U
0 167
Christian Support group for single or single again
Christians. Strengthen your walk with the Lord.
We are not a dating site, but one to support you as you live as a single Christian.
44 Ambassadors for Christ
0 206
A christian site for all who are followers of Christ or those who are seeking the Truth whether followers of Christ or not. To encourage, to share our joys, our sorrows. To pray one for another or simply requesting prayer for various needs.
45 KingsKafe
0 194
Elegant site all free, with Psp utilities, psp tutorials, Incredimail, Christian Incredimail, Movies, Globes, Websets, tutorials etc. Please come and visit. By Sandy Mason New items added everyday. All free.
46 Sunday School
0 155

Free lesson plan resources for preschool, kindergarten and Sunday School teachers; Christian coloring sheets, printable stickers, sticker charts, award certificates and more!
47 Christian Tags-
0 213

Do you want to be Spiritually fed??? We all need it. REAL Christian groups are hard to find. They say they are Christian, but when you get in, then they start off on something else besides the Lord. Here, its all about the Lord and Saviour, nothing e
48 FellowShipInLove
0 141

Non-Denominational based Online Email Ministry. This Yahoo Based egroup is a branch off FellowShip In Loves Web Ring and -Online Ministry...and of MSN Egroups as Well. Grab a friend and Join us today- We look forward to getting to know you! Come be p
49 A Spirit of Hope
0 152

50 Whispers From His Quiet Porch
0 175
A Christian group of sisters who first love their Lord, secondly love to pray/praise, receive devotionals, and thirdly enjoy bible quizzes, and love the warm/inviting place they call home for fellowship. Here we also have creators who make and share
51 Birds_Blooms_N_Butterflies
0 164

Thanks for stoppin' by to read about our group. We offer it for members to share and snag IncrediMail stationary and we like particiaption. Please read on before joining...

This is an 'IncrediMail' themed group. We share IncrediMail sta
52 The Corner CoffeeShop
0 177
The Corner Coffee Shop is a little place to come and share friendship as well as your love for the Lord Jesus. A Place to share family oriented stats, tags, music and all things family. Here you can share your love for the Lord. He is the most import

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